My Process

The process is the most important step in design. Without it, it’s difficult to get to an end point. All projects grow and progress differently, depending on a variety of factors, including time allotted to the project, type of project and the client’s wants/needs. Below, I will go into and provide examples to show my process. This process works for all types of design, not just web design.

Research & Moodboards

It is important to know your client and understand their business so that you can research competition or similar industries. This helps you to quickly create a moodboard that can then inspire the rest of the design process.


This I go about in two different ways. If I’m really not sure where to go with a project, or just have a ton of ideas I need to put down quickly, I will do quick, hand-drawn sketches. If there isn’t enough time, because of a tight deadline, I will do “sketches” on the computer, which transitions us into the wireframe stage.


Wireframes are basic outlines for content and layout of a page. I do these in Sketch, so that I can easily share with clients.


Mock-ups easily take the longest in this process, as there are usually multiple rounds of edits and changes to get to the final look that the client is looking for. I do these in Sketch as well.

Site Build

Depending on the complexity of the site, it is at this point when it will either be handed off to the developers to create or if it’s a simpler site, that can use a WordPress template builder (Divi, Elementor), I will build it, and then teach the client how to use the builder to create, add or change content.

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